Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Colorado Camp

Greetings from Frisco, Colorado!

I am out here for the next two weeks rowing on Lake Dillon and cross training in the mountains. This was a camp that we had planned for Ben and I in the 2x, but since that's no longer an option, I figured I would come out anyways and enjoy a change of scenery. I am being hosted by Mark "Stormy" Stormberg who has set me up with everything I need to have a productive camp including boat and oars in both training locations. I am doing all of my low intensity volume up here in Frisco( 9,000ft) and then shifting down to Sloan's Lake in Denver(5,400 ft) for higher intensity sessions and weights. I am just getting back into training after a couple weeks off after Worlds, so I am easing back into it by only rowing in the mornings and then biking, running, or hiking in the afternoons. The mountain biking and trail running around here is incredible and the time just disappears. Obviously, it's pretty challenging to breathe and it's definitely easy to overdo it at such high elevation, so I am having to be very careful about my exertion and meticulous about my recovery. But so far, so good.

More to come, but for now, time to get back out there.

Bike trails through Breckenridge

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