Tuesday, November 19, 2019


As I read through my last post from Colorado and revisit my words about needing to rediscover my passion for training and competing, I get pretty emotional. A month after winning the Head of the Charles and coming back from last place to win the Lotman Challenge, I am confident that none of that would have happened without my time on my own in the mountains. That trip was less about altitude training than it was about taking the time to slow things down and move forward unburdened by things that had been weighing heavy on me. It was so important for me to reconnect with why I began this journey in the first place and how I wanted to go about ending it. To go jaunting, in the truest sense of the word. 

I am proud of the initiative and responsibility I took this Fall in charting a new course of action for myself. I spent the last year seeing limitations and ceilings to what can be achieved and now I find myself rejuvenated to the point where I am not phased by the difficult task ahead. I just see opportunity. There is no space for doubt. I am confident in the plan I have in place, the support I have around me, and am not wasting any time getting to work. 

 117 days until Olympic M1x Trials
179 days until the Final Olympic Qualification Regatta
248 days until the Olympic Games 

A card I made for my Dad on Christmas 2016. 


Here's a quick vid of me paddling in Craftsbury prior to HOCR with Dan Roock in the launch.

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