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The Torch

  Dear Reader, One of the hardest things to do after a disappointing performance is to hold a mirror up to yourself and not just see what you want to see. It’s difficult to simply observe all of your missteps, errors, and shortcomings without looking away and letting emotion distort your vision. I’ve learned over the years that the level of honesty you choose to use as a lens dictates how much you ultimately grow and learn from an experience. When I hold up the mirror to myself and look as honestly as I can, my results from Lucerne speak for themselves. When it mattered, I was simply not fast enough. There’s no skirting that truth and something that will sting for a long time. As painful as the truth can be, this is what I signed up for and is the type of ownership and clarity I wanted out of this journey.  I sought to use every faculty available to me to wring every last drop of speed out of this mind, body, and spirit. To achieve the highest quality state of myself possible in this s

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